Thank God for Facebook

Never thought I’d say it, but yesterday I was very pleased to have a Facebook account.  I almost never log onto the thing, it’s always struck me as a waste of time.  Yet another site I need to check regularly and feel guilty about never writing on?  I already have a blog for that.

Yesterday though was my birthday.  It really sucks having your birthday that close to the 4th of July.  Growing up everyone was always on vacation for my birthday.  I always had to have my party a week later, and even then there was always a few friends out of town who couldn’t make it.  This year I tried to convince myself that now that I was an adult I wouldn’t have such issues.  Only families go off on vacation for the 4th, right?

I tried to hold a quiet gathering of friends at my house on Friday evening, and pretty much nobody could make it.  (Except BigFella, you rock buddy.)  They were all going to be out of town, what a surprise.  What did I expect sending out invites just a week in advance, and on the 4th of July weekend?  I ended up just canceling the thing.  Worse still though, is that this year both sides of my family were also on vacation.  Only my in-laws called to wish me a happy birthday.

The bright side though was the huge number of well wishes I got over facebook.  I suppose the site must alert you about birthdays somewhere?  Or perhaps it was just the ‘social networking’ thing of it — one person says happy birthday and then someone else sees that and joins in.  Now I’ve got almost 30 notifications in my inbox full of birthday wishes.

Thanks guys.  I really do appreciate it.

Maybe I should just officially move my birthday a week later.  I mean, if you can legally change your name, why can’t you legally change your date of birth?

2 thoughts on “Thank God for Facebook

  1. I don’t think you can change the date you were born without some kind of time machine, and even still – that’s gotta be an awkward discussion to have with your then-future parents…

    You can change when you celebrate it, though! I’m still hoping your birthday celebration was just postponed, not cancelled.

    Also, Facebook displays your birthday to your friends just before and on that day. It’s in the right sidebar.

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