Fearful Ends at Carnage

Looking for a chance to play Fearful Ends? We’ll be running a ton of great games at Carnage!

Introduction to Fearful Ends

Game designer Paul Siegel will be running several demo sessions of the game with a focus on teaching the mechanics. We’ll create characters, review how to use the cards, and play the sample scenario from the back of the rulebook. If you’ve never played before or you just want to really dig into the mechanics, check out one of these games:

Forget Me Not

Paul will also be running the scenario “Forget Me Not”, written by Brian M. Sammons.

In modern day rural America, a group stumbles from a turned over van at the side of the road. Bruised, dirty, bewildered… they realize they have no idea who they are or how they got here. Can they figure out what made them forget, and more importantly, when they do will they wish they hadn’t?

In this scenario we’ll be removing the “Memory Loss” cards from the deck, as basically all the players begin with that stress already maxed out at level 5!

Informed Consent

Special guest GM Adam Flynn is running his scenario “Informed Consent” using Fearful Ends!

Sleep is an ugly joke for you these days. Something’s been wrong for a while, maybe years, but it’s gotten worse and you’re desperate. Desperate enough to enroll in a promising new clinical trial for wide classes of insomnia and parasomnia. You’ve been living in a half-life of exhaustion for so long, the side effects surely can’t be any worse. Submit your forms now and enroll in a game of medical terror. But once you start the treatments, will you ever be able to wake up from the nightmare that follows?

A Friend in Need

Special guest GM Sean Murphy is running his scenario “A Friend In Need” using Fearful Ends!

Your good friend is in jail facing a long prison term but he insists he didn’t do it. Your only chance to free him to go to the scene of the crime, an isolated township in Maine, and hope you can find some clues that law enforcement may have missed.

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