Tower of London

On our last day in London we visited the Tower of London.  The night before we saw on the news that the American government was considering issuing a warning to American travelers in Europe to stay away from public places due to a possible Al-Qaeda attack.  We briefly debated how seriously to take this, but then went anyway.  Later I heard on the news that the warning may have been a cover to detract attention from an attack staged  somewhere in Iraq.  Thankfully either way nothing came of it.

The tower was awesome, I think the pictures speak for themselves.  You’ll see a lot of pictures of the armor display in there, with its weird nightclub -like lighting.  I think, however, that my favorite part was the first tower we entered (I don’t recall which one it was) that was dressed to look like the royal bed chambers as they were in the medieval period.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

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