Announcing Road of Kings

OK, at long last, I’m very proud to announce the side project I’ve been working on since 38 collapse.  Myself and two other ex-38ers have banded together under the name Dancing Sorcerer Games, and today announced our first game Road of Kings.  I won’t bother repeating all the information at the above links, but I’ll point out one more: here’s the official press release announcing the game.

We’ll be presenting even more info at our panel at PAX East, so if you’ll be there please come see us.  If not, watch the site, where we we surely post the link to the live video stream once it’s known.

I’ll post some more details about the game in the future, but I just wanted to get that info out now.  Also, I think I still owe you guys a TotalCon report, so that will be coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Announcing Road of Kings

  1. Congrats Paul!

    Is it me or do I see some inspiration from the solo boardgame you were talking a while ago?

    Looks great, I’ll definitively pick it up once it’s out.

  2. We were definitely strongly inspired by the Barbarian Prince board game. The internal workings and the content of our game are completely different, but the high level game play (hex crawl) and the barbarian theme are similar. In the case of the latter, we toyed with the idea of moving to a different kind of main character, but who doesn’t like barbarians?

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