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Hey everyone, I’m looking for some artwork to use as a hand-out in a D&D game.  My google-fu is failing me, so I thought maybe I’d crowd source it.  If you can help, I’m looking for an image (either photo or drawing) of a door into a crypt.  Bonus points for any/all of the following:

  • Intricate carvings – the more detail the better
  • Leering demon faces / gargoyles / fantastic beasts
  • Mysterious writing (runes, ancient language, but preferably not something actually legible)

I figured it was such a trope it would be easy to find, but my searches so far are failing me.  Who has something good?

2 thoughts on “Looking For Art

  1. It’s not super easy. I was Googling a long time to find the door at the end of my O.S. game this year. (And then of course forgot to print it so I had to draw a copy at the con.)

  2. I just stumbled on your blog today, Paul, and I’m enjoying reading your posts! For your hand-out, I don’t know if your tastes are like mine for art, but I much prefer real photos, which I can alter with cheesy software like MS Paint, MS Word (the “Format Image” deal) or Photos (with the Edit feature), to any lurid, cartoony modern fantasy or rpg painting. I like to loot images.google.com, the Commons at Wikipedia, and Pixabay for the base image to alter. I’ll try to e-mail you some doors I’ve worked on and you can alter them further, if you want. Hope some of this is useful to you – your proclivity toward handouts at the table is a good idea.

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