7 thoughts on “Insanity Cards On Sale Now!

      1. My players said in our run through of module B4 The Lost City “this is like call of cthulu”/”this adds a nice little something”/”I may be delusional but do you hear this [masked] guy speaking or am I just hearing things … ya I hear him speaking but I’m delusional as well so who knows”.

        These cards give the OKAY to play … because having FEAR justifies them saying that they won’t go first in marching order and everyone accepts it. One delusional character rolled around in glowing beetle guts to become a human torch. I’m not sure that would’ve happened without the cards.

        I would like to add that the rules were really well written. I felt safe introducing them after only a cursory look at them. What more could I ask for, easy to introduce, easy to play with, lots of added value. Love ’em!!

        1. Ooh, B4 – good choice. I may have to steal that idea. Actually, mixing the cards into a standard OD&D game may be something I have to start bringing to conventions. So far I’ve kept my horror and my fantasy in separate games at the conventions I attend, but it definitely looks like a chocolate and peanut butter opportunity.

          Glad your group got into it, I hope it continues to play well!

          1. Interesting, I’ve not seen that size anywhere myself. Most printers offer a tarot size (2.75 x 4.75), but that’s been a bit too small to fit all the text in a legible way, so I went with the jumbo size (3.5 x 5.5).

          2. That’s fair, I will continue to look for protection. I feel that they are sufficiently rare and precious and lovely that they could be individually numbered Deck 17/44! 🙂

            It could also be that I play with high school students and I wouldn’t trust them to safely handle a cottonball.

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