From the Magic Table: Pouch of Elvenkind

Today’s #creatober entry appeals to a very specific clientele. It is more of a magic item for the upper crust than that used by every day adventurers.

Pouch of Elvenkind

This finely worked small leather belt pouch is made of the most supple leather and has the tiniest, neatest stitching ever seen. Its delicate materials belie its extreme sturdiness, and it does not take much to discern the nature of its elven manufacture. The particulars of its enchantment makes it a highly prized item for theater goers, concert appreciators, or any patron of the performing arts.

A pouch of elvenkind is most often filled to the brim with tasty sweets or other small snacks. The magical nature of the pouch causes the removal of each morsel to be completely silent, even when wrapped in the crinkliest of paper wrappers. Popping such a treat into ones mouth is the most trivial of efforts, and never catches the attention of even the most attentive and nearby ears. Furthermore, when worn on a belt or even held in ones hand, the pouch is completely invisible to all ushers, ticket takers, security persons, or anyone that might care to enforce a “no outside food” policy.

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