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So this morning I happened upon Roll 20’s policy on AI generated art, which you can read here:

Roll20 Marketplace

  • At this time, the Roll20 Marketplace does not accept any product that utilizes AI-generated art.

DriveThru Marketplaces, including Community Content Programs and Supported Marketplaces

  • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces do not accept standalone artwork products that utilize AI-generated art.
  • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces require publishers to set their own AI-generated artwork policies on Game, Rulebook and Adventure products. Any products that utilize AI-generated artwork must be tagged as such. 

Now it’s not my intent to spark a debate about the use of AI generated artwork. As I do intend to use both Roll 20 and DriveThruRPG as distribution channels for digital versions of Fearful Ends, I will follow their lead and ensure that no AI generated art is used in Fearful Ends.

I mean, we don’t need it. We have some gorgeous artwork from a variety of artists already, including Kat Dolan‘s incredible cover, Valerie Light‘s delightful interior art, and Chris Graniss’s expert layout. All this is being overseen by the inestimable Colleen Nachtrieb working not only as art director, but now rolling up her sleeves to redesign the cards themselves!

To be completely transparent, I have used AI generated artwork in some tangential areas. There was a placeholder cover at one point that was AI generated before we got Kat on board, but it was always intended to be replaced. I have also used AI generated art for the banners of these blog posts, though I do prefer wherever possible to use actual artwork from the game, or sometimes freely distributable art found on pixabay. I will make the effort going forward to include accreditation to artwork used on this blog, and make sure no AI generated art makes it into the final product or any marketing materials for this project.

Banner image on this post by kiquebg from Pixabay

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