HelgaCon III

Just got back from HelgaCon, and boy am I exhausted.  I think that was the least sleep I ever got at one of these.  I think my biggest problem was that everything I was personally responsible for got front loaded – greeting/helping new arrivals on Friday night, followed by GMing a Friday night game, followed by cooking breakfast Saturday morning, and finally GMing a Saturday morning game.  After that I just got to play and relax, but man that was brutal.  Totally worth it, but brutal.  I think next year I may avoid signing up for cooking duty myself, simply because I have enough other crap to do.  Also, I might tweak the scheduling algorithm to prefer to spread out games GMed by a single individual rather than clumping them together.  We shall see.

Besides all the awesome gaming, it seemed Delta and I were constantly being provoked into a Thieves vs. Clerics debate.  Delta dislikes clerics and doesn’t play with them.  I have problems with thieves, and though I don’t feel strongly enough to remove them from my game, I like to argue the point for their removal in hopes of getting some good strong arguments one direction or the other that will finally convince me.  Of course, between being horribly sleep deprived and having the conversation constantly restarted by one person or another, I felt like we were quickly entering a circular discussion, bringing up the same points again and again.  I think at some point I declared “I’m just tired of having this argument!”  I hope nobody took that as my feeling emotionally charged about the discussion one way or the other.  In fact, I really was just tired of saying the same things, and didn’t have the brain power to process other people’s points.

OK, this post got away from me somewhere.  What was my original point here?  Man, I think I need to go back to bed.

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  1. LOL. That scene is so funny. 🙂 Like John S. saying, “I don’t see how you two can even be friends, you’re always disagreeing about that.”

    The #1 thing I recommend is freeing yourself from cooking duty. I gave myself a pass on that, if you’re running games you need that hour of downtime before & after. I was ecstatic about my scheduling, the DM’ing Sat. night & Sunday morning wasn’t a problem.

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