Book of War: The Battle of Restenford

I think my posting lulls happen not because I have nothing to write, but that I have too much to write. The huge blocks of text marshaled in my brain ready to post overwhelm me and I can’t seem to make myself sit down and do the work. This time, I will try to break through that by posting some pretty pictures.

A week ago we used Delta‘s Book of War to resolve a major conflict in our D&D game: an invasion of hobgoblins heading toward the player’s home town of Restenford.  I invited a friend to come act as general for the invading forces while the players controlled the defenders, allowing me to remain an impartial referee.  I took a lot of pictures, and intended to post a full recap of the fight, but Bigfella beat me to it.  So I’m just going to dump my photos on you, and while they do have captions generally describing what was going on, I highly suggest you check out Bigfella’s post for the full story.  This is just the highlights real.

All in all I’d say the game went extremely well.  So much so that at least one player requested we have wargame breaks at regular intervals to decide the fate of the RPG world.  I will absolutely continue to use Book of War to resolve these conflicts, but I prefer that it be driven entirely by the outcome of the RPG.  I don’t want to force fights into the story simply so we get to play a wargame.  Still, the invaders did take the town, so it seems like more fights may very likely be in our future.

And now, without further ado, the pictures:

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  1. Thank you sir for enabling us to do this. It really adds a nice dimension to the game. Re-reading this post is reminding me that we may need to see some rules for siege weapons next.

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