From the Magic Table: Unknown Machinery of Paralyzation

Sometimes the object the random table spits out is so unusual you just have to run with it. Happy #creatober everyone.

Unknown Machinery of Paralyzation

This strange magical apparatus comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes small enough to be held in your hand, other times taking up an entire room, they are all bedecked with strange switches, nobs, gears, and levers. While ultimately nothing more than rube goldberg devices that accomplish nothing with great noise and fanfare, the truly insidious magic of the device becomes apparent when approached.

Any creature within reach of the machinery must succeed at a Wisdom saving throw (DC 13), or find their curiosity completely piqued by the device. The will proceed to investigate, poke, prod, and manipulate the device to determine its true nature, and are unable to do anything else while doing so. The save may be repeated each hour, though with each failure the DC increases by one, to a maximum of DC 20. Ultimately a victim of the machinery may die of thirst or starvation if fully drawn into its curse for too long.

A creature forcibly moved away from the device will automatically succeed at their next saving throw, though they will resist and attempt to return to the device until the hour is up.

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