Getting Ready to Sell

My posting has again lagged, mostly due to preparing to sell our house and buy a new one.  It’s amazing how much work went into staging our house for sale.  I felt like I needed to document all that hard work, so I went around and took some pictures.  A professional is coming tomorrow to take some real pictures of the house for the listing, but these I thought would do to show what we’ve done.

In addition to all the stuff described in the photos, we also packed up an entire cargo van’s worth of stuff from the basement to put into storage.  We then used the newly empty storage space in the basement to hold all the things we packed up while “de-cluttering” the house.  We also painted the stairs going down to the basement, which were still bare wood from when the previous owner installed them.

Anyway, here are the pictures of what it looks like now.  It doesn’t even feel like our house anymore.

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