Game Room Nears Completion

Having finished my shelves, I could finally unpack the last of my gaming paraphernalia from the move.  I’d like to think those were the last unpacked boxes, but I bet there are more hiding somewhere.  I also happened by Micheal’s where they were having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on poster frames.  I have a bunch of posters that have been wanting framing specifically for this room, so I bought some.  The game room is now really starting to come together.

Item still missing:

  • We really should repaint this room at some point.  The ceiling especially wants it.
  • I ordered a GM’s Valet from Geek Chic.  I’m really excited for this piece to show up, which should happen I think by January.  I’ve reserved a space for it in the room.
  • Gamers!  It figures now that I have space enough for a game room, everyone I game with lives far away enough to not want to come all the way out here for a game.  I must find some way to drag them out here.  Perhaps this post will help.

But enough blather, now for the pictures!

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