AD&D 1e Reprint

Holy crap, WotC actually made a smart move and is reprinting the core AD&D 1e hardcovers:

[Product no longer available, here’s a link to a copy on Amazon.]

That said, the pricing is a bit off at $35 per book (unless I’m reading that wrong, but at 112 pages I don’t think they’re combining the 3 into a single volume).  I just purchased extremely good copies of the 1st edition PHB, DMG, and MM (with the old covers) at GenCon’s auction last year for $18, $12, and $14 respectively.  On the other hand, looks like at least some of that money is going towards the Gygax Memorial Fund, which I think is a good thing.

All in all, I’d say this looks like a great first step.  Now, if they would just sell the old stuff in digital format…

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