DemonWars: Reformation

My apologies everyone, there was a brief spurt of posting and then I seem to have fallen off again.  The idea had been to distract myself from the woes of house selling by posting here about anything non-house related I could come up with.  Naturally that’s when things with the house took off, and now all my free time seems to go towards all the little minutiae involved in moving.  Fear not though, the move is scheduled for August 27, and hopefully come September I will become a regular poster again.

In the meantime, I want to share a link for an RPG some friends of mine are developing.  You may have heard of them before, they’re R. A. Salvatore and his son Bryan.  I worked with both these guys back at 38 Studios.  Bryan was a systems designer back there, and he’s got a real knack for making intricate yet approachable systems that will surely appeal to all you folks that love tuning your characters just so.  Bob on the other hand is a real OSR kind of guy, or would be if he ever took time away from writing and playing to dig into the OSR scene.  I’m seriously interested to see how the intersection of these two approaches comes out, and I have the added benefit of knowing these guys well enough to be pretty sure it will be awesome.

So check it out, and maybe help these guys hit their goal.  Then you can follow along in your copy of the book when I post my thoughts com April.

6 thoughts on “DemonWars: Reformation

  1. Oof, first time I’ve kickstarted something. 🙂 Thanks for finding my die, btw. Will miss you at gencon.

  2. Heh, I just ordered the first book of the Demon Wars series since I’ve never actually read it – figured it might be helpful to know the world a bit. I suppose you can read it when I;m done if you haven’t already 😉

  3. Welcome to the kickstarter club Mike! I’ve only funded a handful of things in the past, and though I’m still waiting for a couple of them to actually complete and send me the end product, I’ve been happy about every one of them. There’s something just a little more satisfying about knowing you’re helping someone complete a project than simply buying the end result after the fact.

    Did Jenn send you that die? That’s hilarious.

    I am also pretty disappointed about GenCon. Any chance you’ll come visit us out East sometime soon? We’ll be back in Maynard soon, we could all take a trip out to the Ruby!

  4. I sent him a pic of it – we’re to take good care of it until they can be reunited 🙂

    OMG! Mike, you should totally come visit us in Maynard so we can either get kicked out of or start a fight in the Ruby! 😉

  5. I hope to get out east again but probably not this year. 🙁 I would definitely like to have another adventure at the Ruby, though. I don’t think I’ve ever been as close to being burned by a mob at the stake as we were that evening.

    Good luck with the move! 🙂

  6. Since there’s not much left of this year anyway, that’s fine 🙂

    Thanks! AHHHHHHHHH!!! At least the books are packed – if nothing else makes it to the new house, it’ll be ok 😉

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