Crafting my Convention Pitches

OK, so, I think I’ve resolved what I’m going to run at TotalCon, now I just have to submit them by Sunday.  That means writing up a quick description, and perhaps I’m overdoing it, but I always think these are really important.  This is the only information my perspective players have.  This is my one chance to set their expectations, filter out players whose style does not match my own, and hopefully reel in as many good players as I can get.

So here’s my thought, why not post them here and see if I can maybe get a little early feedback?  Maybe you guys can point out some off-putting or confusing language, or ask probing questions that might reveal important info I forgot to include.  Or if nothing else, forcing myself to type these out twice should enforce a double-pass of self-editing.  So here we go, here’s my current slate of ideas for TotalCon:

Title Gentlemen of the Wardroom
System Call of Cthulhu (Custom)
Time Thursday, 7 PM – 11 PM
Welcome gentlemen to the HMS Orpheus, a fifth-rate frigate of the Royal Navy, bound for the West Indies in this the year of our Lord, 1806. Your orders have not yet been revealed by the Captain, but sailor and officer alike are thrilled to escape the drudgery of blockade duty, and perhaps at last find a chance for action against the frogs. Beyond the usual threats of harsh weather, deprivation, mutiny, and privateers looms something too dark and horrible and name. Will you survive to see the hallowed shores of England again?


Title Boss-fight for Breakfast
System Classic D&D
Time Friday and Saturday, 10 am – noon (note these are unusually short time slots, I’m hoping to attract like-minded folks that don’t want to get up for an 8 am game, but might also like a little something to do before lunch).
Bring your coffee and your donuts with you for a quick throw-down of classic D&D. We’ve got just two hours so we’ll cut to the chase – kick down the door and roll initiative, because we’re skipping straight to the exciting climax. Use all those potions and spells now, because they’ll do you little good in the here-after. DM will do his best to give you a glorious and heroic death, or maybe, just maybe, you’ll emerge victorious laden with fabulous treasures. Good luck with that. Mid to high level classic D&D, each one is different so feel free to sign up for both if you like.


Title The Lost Tablets of Emoria
System Classic D&D
Time Saturday, 1 PM – 5 PM
The scholars of Bridgefaire claim that the source of the undead invaders will be revealed in ancient texts left behind by the ancient Emorians. A team of highly skilled adventurers have been assembled to recover these tablets from their forgotten resting grounds. The fate of the Empire depends on your success! A high level classic D&D adventure set in a long running campaign world.

So what do you think?  Any/all feedback would be appreciated.

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