From the Magic Table: Wooden Spoon of Command

Welcome friends to the magic table once again. This week, we’re visiting my grandmother’s magic table, a nice aluminum five piece with Formica top.

Wooden Spoon of Command

This large decorative wooden spoon is roughly two feet long with an eight inch wide bowl, making it entirely unsuitable for practical use, except perhaps by a giant. The handle is ornately carved with geometric or floral patterns, and a hole is drilled at the end for hanging.

Three times per day the magic of the spoon may be invoked to cast a command spell upon a single target. To do so, the user must include a vague empty threat along with the command. For example, “drop your weapons, or so help me…”, or “you’d better get your butt over here before I count to three”, or “wait until your father hears you were running again.” It is important that the command be threatening, but non-specific, or the magic will fail to materialize.

The user of the spoon need not be physically holding the spoon in order to invoke its magic, provided both the user and victim are within visual range of the spoon. In order to be used this way, the spoon itself should be included in the threat. For example, “you’d better stop what you’re doing right now or I’ll get the spoon down.”

The wooden spoon of command is often found accompanied by a matching wooden fork of fear.

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