From the Magic Table: Kite of Levitation

It is time once more to see what wonders can be found by combining random number generation with the simple mad-lib formula “noun of noun or verb-ing“. Today we bring you the Kite of Levitation.

Kite of Levitation

This combination of light wooden rods, paper, and string appears to be a very common child’s toy. It easily collapses for transport, and is relatively fragile if not packed carefully. Much like the common variant, to use it must be held aloft, and the wielder must run while gripping the string, allowing the wind to catch the kite and cause it to rise into the air.

Once this is done the magic is invoked, and the kite and any creature holding onto its string, will begin to levitate into the air. There is no weight limit to what the kite can lift, and creating human chains to try and drag it down will only result in each creature also becoming affected by the levitation magic.

This can be somewhat disconcerting at first, as it is not readily apparent how to halt the upward momentum of the kite once its magic is invoked. The control to this item lies in the string itself, which is precisely 21′ long. The length of string determines the speed at which the kite moves vertically. When completely extended the kite rises twenty feet per round, and each foot of string wound back onto the handle reduces that rate by an equal amount. With only a single foot of string between wielder and kite all movement will halt, leaving the wielder and kite hovering in place. Winding the string completely to the point where the handle touches the kite will cause the kite to begin to descend at one foot per round, which is unfortunately the fastest speed the kite is able to descend.

Wielding the kite of levitation therefore requires a certain knack and a fair bit of practice. It can be seen why it never was fully embraced as proper means of magical flight.

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