From the Magic Table: Crib of Climbing and Swimming

Crib of Climbing and Swimming

This small wicker furnishing appears like a cross between a traditional hooded bassinet and a clawfoot bathtub. It contains soft bedding and can be occupied by a single Small or Tiny creature. Once so occupied, the crib will immediately begin to move at a rate of 30 feet per round. The short legs of the crib move at a constant rate, and are able to paddle across water and climb sheer surfaces with ease.

The passenger within the crib can control direction but not speed of the crib by simply pointing where they wish to go. Effects that physically restrain the crib can halt its movement, though the legs will continue to attempt to propel it forward regardless. A creature attempting to hold the crib to a fixed location must succeed at a Strength check DC 15, or be dragged along for the ride. The crib will stop moving only when disembarked, which may be dangerous and require a Dexterity (Athletics) check to do so safely depending on the surrounding terrain.

A Medium sized creature may attempt to force themselves to fit inside the crib with some difficulty. Such a rider must succeed at a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check DC 10 each round to stay in the crib due to the bouncing and rolling gait created by the crib’s stubby legs. The DM may choose to increase the DC of this check when the crib is climbing steep inclines or moving through rough water.

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