From the Magic Table: Painting of Locate Objects

Painting of Locate Objects

What appears to be a simple blank canvas in a decorative frame is actually a powerful implement of divination magic. Should the owner of a Painting of Locate Objects render an image on the canvas of a well known object, the painting will magically fill in the rest of the scene around the location of the object in question. If the artist draws a type of object rather than a specific object they have seen in the past, the painting will reveal the setting of the nearest object of that particular kind.

The painting will fill the entire canvas with detail, so depending on how much of the canvas the object fills the magic will fill in more or less detail as required. The magically rendered portion will match the artistic skill and style of the original object. The DM may require a Charisma (Performance) check from the artist to determine how useful the end product is.

The rendered artwork remains for 24 hours, after which the painting fades and returns to its original state of a blank canvas, at which point it can be used again.

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