Who Needs Sleep?

I never sleep well the first night of a con, and last night was no exception.  Frank’s game ran late, all the way until midnight.  I tossed and turned for a few hours before finally falling asleep, and despite having an alarm set for 6:50, it’s now 6:45 and I’m already up, showered, and dressed.  Fortunately if I’m predicting my patterns correctly, tonight I will be so wiped out that I will pass out immediately upon hitting the mattress.  I’m also not above skipping this afternoon’s game for a quick nap, or maybe tomorrow morning’s game so I can sleep in.

As for last night, the game was OK.  Frank’s a great GM, I know from last year, but he has the unfortunate problem of thinking mysteries make good convention games.  I think this style of game is difficult to pull off as part of a regular campaign, and absolutely terrible for a convention game.  This time we only had 6 players though, and I did my best to involve myself.  Even so, it’s very difficult for 6 people to solve a mystery collectively.  Even if one person is actually able to figure it out (which is rare), convincing the rest of the group to implement a plan to prove it is always very difficult.

I probably asked for this signing up for a game with the word “Mystery” in the title.  Then again, when I signed up for the games there was precious little info to go on.  Most games Frank was running had no description at all, nor even a title.  Man, I’m realizing now just how important those 2-3 lines you get for describing your game really are.  It’s very hard to sum up the style of game you intend to run in so few sentences, but I think going forward I will most certainly try as hard as I can to do so.

Well, now I must get some breakfast before my own game starts at 8.  Another lesson for next year: don’t schedule games for every waking hour.  I finally learned at GenCon to avoid the early morning games, I suppose I should apply that lesson to every con.  There’s no avoiding them today or Sunday, as I’m the idiot running them.  At least my game on Saturday night ends early.

I really need some coffee.

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