Well, here I am at TotalCon.  Jenn decided not to come so I’m all on my own here.  This year I discovered a ton of places nearby to get food, and my hotel room oddly includes a large sofa and coffee table – not a luxury I was expecting.  As I feel silly going to restaurants all on my own, I expect all this will add up to take-out back at the hotel room as a regular feature of this trip.  Good news for you my faithful reader, as that means I’m more likely to write some posts between games.

Today I took off early from work to get down here in plenty of time to scope out the location and get settled in.  I spent some time leafing through the printed material and made an interesting discovery: apparently one of my coworkers is a special guest.  I wonder if I’ll bump into him?

Below is the schedule of games I signed up for.  I wasn’t really expecting to get into all of them, but it turns out I did.  Hmm, maybe my expectations are too colored by GenCon.  Anyway, I may yet skip some of these games, I’m not sure if I can really take this much back-to-back gaming.  We shall see.  Here’s the schedule:

7pm – 11pm  Mystery at The Acaeum (GM: Frank Mentzer)

8am – 12 pm  4 corners  (GM: Me)
1pm – 5pm  Meet and Greet With Frank Mentzer and Tim Kask
7pm – 11pm  Temple of the Weaver Queen (GM: Tim Kask)

8am – 12pm  Garlic, Stakes and Sparkles (GM: Travis Miller)
1pm – 5 pm Into the Forgotten Realms (GM: Me)
7pm – 11pm  Farewell My Sanity: Under the Boardwalk (GM: Andre Kruppa)

8am – 12 pm 4 corners (GM: Me)
1pm – 3pm  HYPERBOREA (GM: Jeffery Talanian)

The games I’m running are two instances of 4 Corners, my winning one-page dungeon contest entry.  I’ll be running those using pretty by-the-book B/X D&D.  Also I’m running Into the Forgotten Realms, an AD&D tournament module written by Ed Greenwood for GenCon ’84.  I’m a little nervous about running AD&D as I’m not as familiar with the intricacies of that system,  but I’m pretty excited about running something in tournament format.  I even have a prize for the winner.

Well, these are my pre-con thoughts.  We shall see how the events turn out.

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