HelgaCon, Here We Come

This weekend is HelgaCon, and I’m starting to get pretty excited about it. It seems a lot of things have been conspiring against the con this year. Losing prep time to house related stuff, Jenn’s not feeling very well (hoping that’s allergies and not a cold coming), and now apparently a freak snow storm might be coming.  My hope for the storm is that it really is just limited to central MA, that the Cape will just get some rain, and that we’ll escape central MA before it gets too nasty.  Or maybe the whole thing will just blow out to sea and it’s a false alarm, you never know (nor do the weathermen it seems).

All those worries aside, I’m pretty excited about my schedule this year:

Friday Night: G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl -- Delta
Saturday Morning: Book of War Round Robin -- Delta
Saturday Afternoon: Steal-Steal the Machine -- Me
Saturday Night: The Fallen Obelisk -- BigFella
Sunday Morning: Into the Forgotten Realms -- Me

Sounds like I’ll get a nice spread of games to play.  The two games I’m running are nicely placed apart from each other on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  My Friday night and Saturday morning games are both with Delta, so I should be able to match his crazy night-owl schedule without worrying about not getting any sleep at all.  (Not really, I’m sure I’ll pass out hours before Delta pack it in.)

I’m sure after the con I’ll have some interesting things to report about my own two games.  Into the Forgotten Realms is an old AD&D tournament game run originally back at GenCon ’84, and is written by Ed Greenwood.  I think it’s pretty cool to see how light and easy the Realms were back then, before all the product development got in the way.  AD&D usually isn’t my thing, but given the tournament style I thought I’d like to try and stay as true to the original written material as possible.  I actually ran this very tournament once already at TotalCon, but avoided writing too much detail about it for fear of spoiling the HelgaCon run for any of my readers that might be attending.  I’ll definitely drop some more detailed thoughts on that next week.

Steal-Steal the Machine is my second attempt at running a Warhammer FRPG game with all skaven characters.  The idea of another similar game was the most popular of all the ideas I floated to the group for stuff I might run, so I figured I couldn’t disappoint.  I’ll be running this as straight by-the-book Warhammer FRPG, but I’m sure there will be some old school influences in how I run it.  Heck, I already wrote it up using the one-page dungeon template that I really favor now for my written material.  I’ll share that after the con and report on how it went.

I guess once this con is over I should take a look at what I signed myself up to run at GenCon.  I hate how early they do it, I really have no clue what I’ve promised to run.

2 thoughts on “HelgaCon, Here We Come

  1. We need to stop having HelgaCon during what always ends up being the worst allergy week EVER. Ugh.

    The snow, though, that’s just adding insult to injury for me. ARGH!

  2. Call me nuts, but there’s something I like about a big snow on the day I’m running Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl. 🙂

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