HelgaCon: The Fallen Obelisk

Saturday night we sat down to play BigFella’s Labyrinth Lord sandbox with an Arabian Nights theme that he brings every year.  HelgaCon presents me with a rare treat to get to play with Delta again, now that we live so far apart.  It’s an even rarer treat to have both of us playing side by side, as usually one of us is the DM.  And even better still, BigFella held onto the characters we played last year, and so the brothers Jarib rode again.

Last year we encountered a medusa that turned her victims to solid gold rather than stone.  We of course avoided her altogether, found a previous victim, hacked its hands off, and returned to town rich men.  One of the first things BigFella told us this year was to scratch off the golden hands from our character sheets, as we had lost the money to bad business deals and untrustworthy women since the last campaign.  As our characters we were of course irate, however inwardly I was quite happy with BigFella’s decision.  I quite like the idea of playing the weaselly desert thieves who just can’t seem to quite ever catch a break.  I talked BigFella into granting me a mule in exchange, with the obvious intention of finding and hauling back the rest of the golden statue, which of course would never come to pass.

Having four brothers, it’s very easy for me to roleplay that kind of sibling rivalry which makes these characters so much fun.  When it was discovered that his character had two magical weapons and I had none, rather than accepting his loaner gracefully, I immediately set out to prove that the weapon was mine all the time.  Thus, the “Jarib Family Enchanted Spear” was born.  Hilareous.

And of course, BigFella gives us a great playground in which to bounce these characters around.  He ended with a tense game of chess between another party member and Genie, and the dice loved him for despite a slight disadvantage on our end they kept things extremely close until the very end when we just managed to scrape out a victory.  I was quite glad to give another player a chance to shine in this situation too, as I fear when Delta and I really get into these characters that we may accidentally overshadow the rest of the group.

All in all, and excellent game.  I apologize if the details here are fuzzy, but by Saturday night the sleep deprivation is really setting in.  Of course, this only helps make the roleplay that much more amusing.  I remember gales of laughter throughout the game, but I couldn’t tell you what the heck it was we found so darn funny.


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