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Stonehell, by Michael Curtis, is an excellent mega-dungeon written as a huge collection of one-page-dungeons linked together along with extra notes, custom monsters, etc.  It’s a great dungeon, and one I personally transplanted into my own campaign world and ran some players through a few different parts.  And sadly, it’s only half done.  The linked publication above specifically calls out that it’s only part one of the dungeon.

Unfortunately, publishing part 2 has been a bit of a trial, and is now in jeopardy due to failed computer equipment.  Mr. Curtis has posted a humble request on his blog requesting help drumming up the cash to fix or replace the broken equipment.  But he’s not just begging for charity, he’s actually offered to send to anyone that donates any amount a pdf of a couple adventures he wrote for convention use.  I happened to be lucky enough to have played in one of those games run by Curtis last year at TotalCon, and I sincerely hope he makes the trip again this year as it was one of my favorite games of the convention.

I usually don’t pitch in to these kind of things, but this is definitely the exception.  First of all, I think he deserves a little extra from me for all the hours of enjoyment his first book has given me, not to mention the great time last TotalCon.  Second, I really do want to see the second half of this dungeon, even though I’ve already filled in some of the lower levels in my own campaign — there’s always room for more.  So I’m going the extra mile and posting here, asking anyone who reads this blog to consider helping a fellow DM out in his time of need.

Save Stonehell Fundraiser

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