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OK, after much delay I finally figured out my events for this year.  I wasn’t sure how much if any of Thursday I would take off this year, and honestly, I’m still kind of hedging my bets by only running a Thursday night game.  Still, to get there in time to check in and run my game I’ll have to leave at least a little early, and it’s a short jump from there to just saying screw it and taking the whole day off.  Anyway, here are the events I’m hoping to run.  I’ve never had any event I submitted not go through, but you never know.

Treasure Map to the Red Cave
Thursday, 7-11 PM
After months of collecting copper bounties on goblin ears your crew has finally gotten a break. You had to pool your cash to afford the map that ranger had, but he assured you it was nothing compared to the wealth it would reveal. And rangers don’t lie, right? Though, they’re usually not that drunk either… Moldvay edition Basic D&D rules, characters provided.

Tunnel Rats
Friday, 1-5 PM
Life in the clan comes with responsibilities. You have been selected you for an important mission: infiltrate the newly discovered dwarven halls underneath the warren, bring back any valuable artifacts, and find out what happened to the last pack sent to explore the area. Sounds dangerous, but what’s a loyal were-rat to do? Moldvay edition Basic D&D rules, characters provided.

Gloomwood Falls
Saturday, 1-5 PM
It has been many days since the prince and his men left on their quest to locate the tree of life. How were they to know war would break out while they were gone? You must find the prince, deliver the news, and bring him back if possible. Moldvay edition Basic D&D rules, characters provided.

I seem to have inadvertently created a theme this year: “following in the footsteps”.  The first one is actually written by Dyson Logos, and is the game I just ran for my coworkers a couple weeks ago.  It’s a nice wilderness trek game and should be a nice variation from the other two that are more dungeon oriented.  And it went over well with the coworkers, so I expect it to be fun.  It’s also the one I feel like I can run with the least number of people, and if things go as they have in past years I expect Thursday to be pretty under-attended.

The other two are both adventures I wrote. Tunnel Rats was originally a WFRPG game written for HelgaCon that I since adapted to D&D.  Changing skaven to were-rats is kind of fun, it drives the game slightly away from comedic and more into sinister, which I’m fine with.  The last one was originally an adventure I wrote for my home campaign, but then my players decided not to follow that thread and go do something completely different, and it wasn’t used on them until quite a while later.  In between I ran it as a convention game at GenCon 2012 and I think it went over really well.  And yes, this is the one that was strangely missing.  I still can’t find the digital file for this, though I did unearth a hard copy, which I promptly photocopied just so at least there would be two hard copies floating around.  I have no idea how I lost this file, the printed version was clearly made on computer originally.  Oh well.

I’m glad to finally have that all scheduled out now, and am really looking forward to the convention.  I suppose I ought to make sure I have characters prepared for these games, but it’s a long ways out still.  Maybe I’ll at least scan Gloomwood Falls to PDF so I don’t go losing it again.

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