Getting Ready for TotalCon

This year I will not miss the TotalCon even registration deadline, I swear!  Actually, I have all the way until November 15th to get my games in, but since I completely failed to do this last year I’ve vowed to make sure it gets done early this time around.  But what to run?  I have no pressing ideas or desires, but I know I want to run three games, and that they should all be old school in nature.  I probably have time to write something new, but before going that route I thought I’d take a spin through existing material and see what can be re-used.

Between TotalCon, GenCon, and HelgaCon, I have accumulated a fair amount of convention material.  HelgaCon has especially spurned this on, as I run three games there every year, and as it’s generally the same group of people every year I constantly have to find new material for it.  The only problem is that with three conventions a year I do get a little hazy on which games I’ve run at which conventions.  Fortunately, I have this blog!  I just took a quick look through my posts in February of the past several years and was kind of surprised at what I found.

My first year at TotalCon was 2010, at which I was only a player.  In 2011 I ran two sessions of my One Page Dungeon Contest entry Four Corners, which I think I’ve run at just about every convention possible as well as for friends at home, so I’m pretty well done with that.  I also ran Into the Forgotten Realms, which while enjoyable turned out to be a little too new school and thus it’s no longer a contender.  In 2012 I was on my slavers kick, running serveral rounds of the A-series modules at TotalCon.  And then there’s 2013, when I was so ill prepared I ran nothing.

Huh, is this right?  Besides Four Corners it looks like I’ve never run any of my own material at TotalCon?  How bizarre.  Well, that’s good news actually, as that means I have a plethora of adventures to choose from this year.  Now it’s just a matter of sifting through them and picking which ones I think will be most fun.

Of course, the one I really want, the one I adapted from my home campaign and ran at GenCon 2012, but I can’t seem to find the files anywhere.  It was a great adventure, and I know I used Dyson’s geomorphs to build it, so it must exist digitally somewhere.  It’s not in my personal subversion repository, not in my home directory on my server, and not in my dropbox account.  Was I actually foolish enough to keep this only on my desktop’s hard drive and not copy it to one of these many backed-up locations?  That’ll be really bad if true, as that desktop has been reformatted many times since August of 2012.  My only hope now is that I have a hard copy of this in a filing cabinet at home somewhere.

So, I guess I must put off registering my events at least one more day so I can go root through the filing cabinet.  I really hope that adventure is in there somewhere.

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