Well, it looks like Origins is definitely a go for 2016!  I’ve been posting around various forums to try and get some insights into what to expect both in terms of playing and DMing.  I’ll cross-post my questions here and maybe collate responses as I hear.  If anyone reading has any advice to give, please comment below!

1. What if any old school D&D stuff should I keep my eye out for there? Any recurring events I should try to find? Any regular vendors booths I should make sure to visit?

2. I’ll probably run at least an event or two, got any advice on that score? Are there specific times that are really good or poor choices to run stuff? Is there any old school or OSR group I should try to hook up with and ask about running under their banner?

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  1. A company called Lamentations of the Flame Princess is putting out some cool/weird old-school books. I just picked up “A Red & Pleasant Land” which is an OSR product set in a weird land inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Dracula. The same company published Carcossa, which is more horror/Cthulhuesque, but still OSR.

    The production values of both of these are incredible. They’re gorgeous books and interesting reads for the ideas whether or not they ever hit the table.

  2. From Andy Kosky on Facebook:

    1) if you can handle it, run 4 events. Considering that you’re doing rpgs, those 4 events will get your badge for free. (4 events x 4 hours each = 16 event hours = free badge)
    2) 7pm is my favorite spot to run in, but I typically break my schedule into a morning, afternoon, and evening slot. I generally don’t run morning games, because I use that time to play. I generally have mixed luck running at 1pm.

    From Colin of Dead Games Society:

    As far as running games, I would run them in the early evening. A lot of people are in the dealer hall or board game area during the day.

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