OED Spell Cards SALE!

Happy Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day everyone!  In honor of the event, I’m running a special 24-hour sale on OED Spell Cards.  Starting at 12 EST today and running for 24 hours you will be able to purchase the OED Spell Cards for 22% off!  That’s just $13.99 per deck!


These cards conform to the text presented in the Book of Spells by OED Games, simply re-formatted as a deck of cards.  With OED’s variant rule that disallows memorization of multiple copies of any given spell, the cards work really well.  You can filter a deck down to represent your spell book, and then draw into your hand the spells you choose to memorize.  Casting Polymorph Other on your fighter to turn him into a gryphon?  Slap the card on the table in front of him and now he has a handy reference for exactly how the spell works.

UPDATE: The sale has ended, but you can still buy the cards at their regular price of $17.99.

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