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While creating characters for a test run of combat in the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, I’ve encountered a few errors in the book.  This is a preview PDF I’m using, so that’s not unexpected.  In fact, stated on their post about the preview, Cubicle 7 said:

Not only does this mean that you can have a look as soon as possible, it also means a greater opportunity for any errors or omissions you spot to be incorporated before we go to print.

Great, I’m happy to do my part as an early adopter and report back the errors I’ve found.  Only, how exactly do I do that?  There’s never any mention of an email or site to submit bug reports.  All their news posts about the preview don’t even have comments turned on.  A cynical read of the above quote might say it’s quite accurate — indeed there is a greater opportunity for errors I spot to be incorporated in the final print.  Sigh.

Well, I’m afraid readers of my blog must take the brunt.  I want to write down the problems I’ve found somewhere, so at least I don’t forget them.  If anyone finds where exactly one can report such errors, please feel free to drop them a link to this post, or just let me know and I’ll happily transcribe the following errors:

  1. The random talents chart on page 36 includes Quick-Witted, which is not included later in the detailed list of talents.
  2. Humans are given access to the skill Command (also on page 36), which is also not detailed anywhere else in the rules.  My best guess is that it’s meant to be Leadership?
  3. In the text of the Petty Magic talent (page 142) it says “When you take this Talent, you manifest a number of spells equal to your Willpower Bonus.”  The use of “manifest” there is very confusing.  Does this mean the player can memorize that number of spells?  Are they in the player’s grimoire and the player must pay the standard XP cost to memorize them?  I’m guessing it’s the former, but it’s really not clear.
  4. The text of the Dodge skill states “In combat, Dodge is generally used to resist attacks or avoid damage. Refer to Chapter 5: Rules for more on this.”  However, in chapter 5 it says that for melee attacks “you and your opponent both make a Weapons Skill or Melee Skill Test.”  The Dodge skill is referenced only in rules for disengaging with an opponent or when avoiding a touch spell.  Are these in fact the only uses, or can it also be used when defending against normal melee attacks?

That’s all I have so far.  I’m sure I could make up reasonable answers for these in play, but it seems like a lost opportunity to not have some kind of feedback mechanism to fix this kind of stuff before the book goes to print.  Maybe I should just dig up their customer support contact and drop them an email?

2 thoughts on “WFRPG 4e Bugs

  1. Thanks for those pick-ups. I’ve got the errata sheet for the print edition and the Petty Magic Talent is now even more confusing, to me at least. Have you had a look yet?

    1. I haven’t looked at the errata. I thought they cleaned up Petty Magic in the print book — my post here was about the early PDF preview copy. At this point I’m pretty excited to give Small But Vicious Dog a try over the 4th edition rules anyway.

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