From the Magic Table: Towel of Beguiling

It’s been a while since we consulted the magic table. Let’s see what it has in store for us today.

Towel of Beguiling

The magical effect of this fluffy, warm towel is only evident when wrapped around a person immediately after bathing. The towel will immediately adjust its size to be just barely big enough to cover the wearer’s modesty. As the wearer moves about, the towel will shift and dip, appearing to be constantly just a moment away from slipping completely off, and yet somehow managing to always remain held in place.

Anyone viewing the towel while in its magically active state must immediately save vs. spells or become beguiled, unable to draw their eyes from the wearer. Whether this is due to actual sexual attraction or simple morbid curiosity about whether the towel will or will not slip free is not necessarily apparent, and may vary from victim to victim. Victims may be lead about and can even perform other simple tasks, but will do so in a distracted way and always with their eyes firmly set in the direction of the towel.

If their vision of the towel is blocked, the victim is allowed another save. Failure indicates the victim does everything within their means to reestablish visual contact with the towel. Removing the towel, whether done as part of getting dressed or to transition to complete exposure, immediately breaks the magical effect.

3 thoughts on “From the Magic Table: Towel of Beguiling

    1. This table never fails to deliver gold. Sometimes it produces items that are delightfully amusing but require no additional description. Eg, this time the first result I got was “horseshoes of water walking”. I love it. I don’t think think you need any more words from me though on why this is a great magic item.

  1. This is pretty funny/great in its own right, has clear usability in a game, and can drive further action (will characters bathe in mysterious pools to activate the towels power? what will saving characters to do try breaking the effect on beguiled allies? will someone try to develop a cursed towel of revealing?). Gold stars all around.

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