From the Magic Table: Curtain of Elven Kind

This trip to the magic table reveals an unusual variation in the magical textile work of the elves.

Curtain of Elven Kind

More rare than the similar cloak, a curtain of elven kind is a large 10′ square of shimmering fabric, with metal grommets affixed to the top for suspension from a rod or hooks. When drawn across a flat surface such as a wall, door, or doorway, the fabric blends into the surrounding material appearing as a smooth continuous surface. This can result in the complete obfuscation of a door, doorway, or other feature covered by the curtain.

Furthermore, similar to elven boots the curtain blocks sound from passing through it. Thus even when drawn across an open doorway, it becomes impossible to hear any sounds emitting from an adjacent room. If hung across a blank wall, a creature may use the curtain to conceal themselves. Doing so does cause the curtain to bulge at that location, but it will take the appearance of a support pillar or other protrusion typical of the surrounding architecture.

When drawn open the curtain appears as normal, light weight fabric, and will detect as magic of an illusory nature. When in place, doors hidden by it can only be found as per normal secret door rules with a hard difficulty. Physical contact of more force than the light finger touch required by searching for concealed doors will immediately reveal the flimsy nature of the barrier.

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