B/X Character Sheets

I made these B/X character sheets a while back.  I only used them briefly, I found having separate sheets by class too irksome for rolling up characters quickly on the fly.  I imagine they’d be nice though if you had any reason to believe your character wasn’t going to die very soon.

Anyway, they are nice as pure B/X character sheets.  Clearly they were based on the original character sheet found in the Moldvay text.  They’re fillable PDFs, with specialized areas based on class:  spell lists for magic-users and clerics, thief skills for thieves, turning chart for clerics, and extra inventory space for fighter types.  Also, they conveniently have the encumbrance chart next to the equipment list, which I find extremely useful at the table.

Take note that it appears as two pages, though each page is 5.5″ x 8.5″, meaning they print best side-by-side on a single piece of paper.  Just tell your PDF viewer to print two pages per page and it should work.

Download here.

EDIT: Just noticed there is one minor deviation from pure B/X: the inclusion of a “Base Attack Bonus” box instead of a standard combat matrix.  This is because I like to use Delta’s Target 20 system for attack rolls.  I suggest you check it out.

2nd EDIT: As requested, here are the scribus files.

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  1. These sheets were created with Scribus:


    Fonts were found via this site:


    The borders are scans right from the original source. Everything else was created raw in Scribus (though I may have drawn stuff like the shield in the Gimp.)

    I just noticed that the one deviation from pure B/X here is the use of a “Base Attack Bonus” instead of an attack matrix. This is because of my general preference for Delta’s Target 20 system.

  2. @Paul:
    You wouldn’t by change be willing to post the scribus files, would you? I would love to add race, etc. for my Labyrinth Lord/AEC/HomeRules stuff….



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