Fearful End Videos

I’ve been hard at work creating promotional materials for Fearful Ends. I hate writing vacuous ad copy for stuff, so instead I’ve been working on material that helps teach the game while still being valuable for promotion. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Mental and Physical Stress Card Tutorial

First off, this is a quick 5 minute instructional video on using the cards. This material is covered in text in the rulebook as well, with plenty of pictures and examples. But I thought a video would be nice, especially as it’s the flagship feature of the game.

Actual Play

Here’s a full AP of me running three players through the sample scenario in the back of the book. The scenario is rather short, and yet I’m still quite surprised and proud that the video came in at just 2.5 hours. Minus the initial 30 minutes of character creation and rules instruction, we manage to play the entire scenario in just 2 hours, which is no small feat for any RPG!

Featured image by dominador from Pixabay

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