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I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be launching my first ever actual play live stream Ten Dead Rats this Thursday from 8-10 PM Eastern on the Wandering DMs channel! Yes, it’s named after the system I’ve been posting here on my blog, which we’ll be using. The game is set in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy, using these very light old school rules to better get out of way and let us really revel in the setting and characters. I’ve got a great cast who are all really excited to get this going, so I hope you’ll join us for our inaugural session!

I will be drawing from various existing content for the adventures themselves, with the plot of The Enemy Within as the skeleton to begin with. However, I’ll also be using the alternate XP system in the rules I posted that bases all gains on player-set ambitions, so the game really can go any direction my players choose to take it. Will they focus in on the mysteries set by The Enemy Within, or get embroiled in other emergent storylines that we invent along the way? Who knows? I’m just as excited as you are to find out!

There are still a million things to do for this stream, but we’re all so jazzed about starting it none of us are willing to wait for all the bells and whistles. The production may therefore be a little bare bones to start, but we have a lot of skills hidden in our little group and I have no doubt we’ll up our game as we proceed.

I know Thursday was an unusual choice given it’s also Critical Role’s day, but due to us being East Coast based we don’t directly overlap, so that’s something. Honestly the logistics of getting a streaming group together are no different than any other gaming group, so I’m just stoked that we managed to find a time that worked for all of us. We got together last week to roll up characters and I recorded it just in case that’s useful to us down the road. Here’s a still from that session:

And here’s the cast of characters we created:

Bruno Feinbottom – Halfling Barber-Surgeon played by Max Haarhaus.
Trebbiano – Human Zealot played by Lahna “Fury” Sheron.
Indigo Halberstam – Human Mercenary played by Christian Haarhaus.
Yeffi Brokson – Dwarven Contortionist played by Colleen Nachtrieb.

We’ll be streaming to both YouTube and Twitch, as Wandering DMs does, and the VOD will be available on YouTube after the stream. I’ll likely rip the audio to podcast form as well, though the setup of the podcast requires us to have at least one session under our belts, so links for that will have to come later. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us live on Thursday!

9 thoughts on “Ten Dead Rats Live Stream

    1. Ultimately it’s not a huge difference to us. Right now our YouTube viewership is way bigger than our Twitch viewership, so I suppose it’s slightly more likely that you’ll help us cross a threshold on YouTube than Twitch. But I think I’d still say use whichever you feel is a better user experience for you personally.

  1. Speaking selfishly, your time slot is great for me, so I’m looking forward to watching live. Good luck to you and the rest of the cast! May Sigmar watch over you, and try not to mutate too obviously 😉

  2. I am very interested to see how this goes. Really. I might not stream it, but will definitely check it out later.

    Best wishes for y’all to have a good game!
    : )

  3. I was able to watch the first half or so; it was a lot of fun! Definitely enjoying the players and the dynamic. Your comic RP was pretty great too.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I think it will only improve as we get more comfortable with each other and the format. Can’t wait to start digging into some of the crazy elements of The Enemy Within. I think this group is going to have a great time with it!

    2. Great session! I had a blast watching it. You do a good job of having situations progress even when their ability checks fail.

      I was a little surprised that nobody seemed to pick up on what was in the parcel before opening it, but maybe I’m an outlier for picking up the hint based on a now 90-year-old movie, or maybe they all did an incredible job of hiding their suspicions.

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