From the Magic Table: Arrow of Scrying

Time again to visit the magical table and see what wonders it holds for us.

Arrows of Scrying

The fletching of these arrows appears to be made from something similar to a peacock’s feathers, with small eye motifs clearly visible in each feather. When fired from a bow, the archer is immediately able to see through these eyes as if they themselves were attached to the back of the arrow. The effect lasts for an hour, or until the archer consciously closes the eyes on the arrow or someone physically breaks the arrow in some way. There is no limit to the distance from the archer that the arrow may travel, and the effect continues regardless of what object the arrow strikes.

Anyone taking particular care to observe an arrow while it is magically active may notice the eyes in the fletching move or blink occasionally. Physically poking a finger into one of the eyes of the fletching not only deactivates the arrow, but also causes 1 hp of damage to the archer.

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