From the Magic Table: Tray of Protection from Undead

It is day 10 of Creatober – I guess that means I’m nearly one third done with this. Crazy! This one’s a little strange, but that’s how random generation rolls. Enjoy!

Tray of Protection from Undead

This simple porcelain tray is of the type typically seen held by servants to present drinks, hors d’oeuvres, or other finger foods. It is unusually decorated with images of skulls, bones, cats, and moons. Only when loaded with the treats typical of its normal use and presented before a group of undead does the magic of this artifact make itself known.

Any undead within reach of the tray will feel compelled to carefully lift and consume one item from the tray. They will behave in a gracious and calm manner as they do so, even if it is radically atypical for their type. So long as the train remains full, any number of undead can be kept entertained and occupied by the wielder of the tray. However, once the tray is picked clean, the undead will return to their normal behavior, which may be quite unfortunate for the person holding the empty tray.

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