From the Magic Table: Kettle of Longevity

I have challenged myself to create one new magic item every day for Creatober. The names of the magic items are generated via this random table, and then I fill in the rest. Some are funny, some are useful, all are at least a little bit odd.

Kettle of Longevity

This sturdy metal kettle is quite small and fits easily in a pack with other camping gear. It is just large enough to produce a single mug of piping hot liquid, but it also contains an unusually subtle magic effect. Once per day, any liquid heated in this kettle gains the properties of an incredibly dilute potion of longevity. Rather than reducing the age of the imbiber by a number of years, this liquid reduces the imbiber’s age by d3 days.

Unlike the more potent potions, there is no risk of aging through use of a kettle of longevity, but to really benefit from its effects the user must devote themselves to regular use. By drinking from this kettle every 1-3 days, the imbiber can likely maintain their current age, and drinking from it every single day will slowly cause them to become younger over the years.

Rarely found in the wild, such kettles are highly prized by their owners and usually found only in the possession of the most powerful, and long-lived, wizards.

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