From the Magic Table: Mask of Petrification

Oh no, I’m behind! I forgot to post a #Creatober post yesterday. OK, this one is yesterday’s make-up, there’ll be another one hot on its heals!

Mask of Petrification

This highly realistic, full head mask makes the wearer appear to be a medusa. It comes complete with writhing, hissing snake hair, which only animates when the mask is worn. While these snakes do not attack as a real medusa’s hair would, they add to the highly convincing effect of the wearer becoming a real medusa.

While wearing the mask, the wearer can force any creature beginning its turn within 30 feet that it can see to make a DC 14 Constitution Save just as by a real medusa. If the saving throw is failed by 5 or more, the target is instantly petrified. Otherwise, failing the saving throw begins the petrification process, causing the victim to become restrained. The restrained victim must then repeat the saving throw at the end of its next turn or become petrified. Success on either save ends the effect. The petrification lasts until the wearer removes the mask, or the victim is freed by a greater restoration spell or other magic.

Unfortunately, the wearer of the mask is also subject to being affected by their own reflection. If the wearer begins their turn within 30 feet and sight of a highly reflective surface, and the area is brightly lit, they must save against the effects themself. While like their own victims this petrification is cured by simply taking off the mask, the wearer will find this impossible to do when petrified.

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