What is Ten Dead Rats? It’s an actual play stream. It’s kit-bashed RPG. It’s both.

Ten Dead Rats is an actual play stream hosted by Wandering DMs, and can be found on YouTube here:

The plot is loosely based on the classic Warhammer campaign The Enemy Within, plus plenty of custom elements tossed in for good measure. The system we’re using is a custom kit-bashed system that combines Original Edition D&D (ala the OED) and 2nd Edition Warhammer Roleplay. Much credit is also due to its progenitor Small But Vicious Dog, written by Chris Hogan.

The system was born of a greedy desire to run the live stream game in something I was highly comfortable with, but still scratched the familiar Warhammer itch with stuff like careers and corruption. As I cobbled together rules I thought I might as well release the whole darn thing for free on my blog, and so I did. Here then is the system for your enjoyment:

Ten Dead Rats – Rules

Ten Dead Rats – Form Fillable PDF Character Sheet

Ten Dead Rats – Printable PNG Character Sheet

The actual play stream is broadcast live every Thursday night from 8-10 PM Eastern, on Twitch and YouTube. VOD can be found on YouTube as well, and audio-only podcasts are available on wanderingdms.com. We hope you’ll join us for our mad romp around the Warhammer world.