And We're Back

Well, it turns out only once during our trip to England did I have both the internet access and enough free time to post.  Still, that’s better than none, right?  Now I’m fishing through over 500 photos I took, doing laundry, buying groceries, and taking care of all the other things involved with settling back in after an extended international trip.  Oh yeah, it was awesome.

I’ll be posting a lot of those photos in the future.  This will probably bring the focus of this blog away from gaming for a little while, though you can certainly bet there will be a few places I found in England that were pretty inspiration for my game.  I’m already contemplating how best to convert my map of Skipton Castle into something that works on graph paper.

100_0110Anyway, all the pictures previously posted were from a bus tour of London we took immediately after arriving.  With only 2 hours of sleep (we had super tail wind that shortened the flight to just 5 hours) and being there far to early to check into our hotel, sitting on a bus as it cruised through the city was about all the energy we could muster.  I don’t have much to say about those photos, they’re pretty self explanatory.  The one picture of the house with the dog shaped shrubbery is apparently where J.K. Rowling lives.

I noticed these two pictures sneaked into that group of photos when I posted them.  This was the very first shop we discovered after leaving our hotel and going out to explore London.  Apparently you just can’t escape the USA.  It was pretty funny to see what they had on their shelves that was uniquely American.  Apparently we’re all about the PB&J and Fluff sandwiches.  There was another shelf full of sodas apparently that I missed.

100_0111Well, like I said, there will be more exciting photos to come.  Now though, with no groceries in the house, I really have to get out and find some breakfast.  I’m actually really looking forward to a big hearty American breakfast.  This is apparently not something the British are really into, and breakfast for us over there was pretty consistently dry toast, pastry, and coffee.  At least the coffee was easier to find than expected, thank goodness for all the French cafes that have invaded England.

But I’m rambling, and rumbling.  More later.

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  1. The Brits actually are into breakfast, though the concept of the “Full English Breakfast” has diminished somewhat over the past two decades. A typical “Full English” includes:

    – Toast
    – Baked beans (usually vegetarian, at that)
    – Fried tomato halves
    – Fried button mushrooms
    – Sausages (sometimes with veg options)
    – Back bacon (not often with a veg option)
    – Fried or poached egg
    – Butter
    – Jam and/or marmalade
    – Tea or coffee

    The thing is a HUGE plate, and will typically fuel a person until lunch (or, at the very least, elevensies). As I said, the FEB isn’t as common these days, since the arrival of French patisseries and such, but many B&Bs will still serve it up, as will many town pubs. The best veg FEB we found was in Manchester, close to the uni: full veg options for everything, and good coffee and tea, to boot (the UK is still weaning itself from the dreaded scourge of instant coffee, this being more apparent in the more rural areas).

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