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A very nice reader discovered recently that the background image on my blog was over 1 MB, and went through the trouble of optimizing it for me down to about 200 KB.  The site is now using the optimized version and should be much faster to load for everyone.  I also find it extremely encouraging to see random uses of the internet for good instead of evil. I figured the least I could do is send my thanks out publicly to Scott for doing this.  You rock sir!

3 thoughts on “Improved Website

  1. Cool. Similar note: For some reason Grognardia really frustrates my mobile phone trying to load it (more than any other site or other blogspots). Been wondering why that is (no background image, of course…)

  2. Interesting. I haven’t had that problem with Grognardia, in fact just checked it and it worked fine for me. I generally tend use RSS readers on both my computer (Thunderbird) and my android phone (gReader) for reading blogs though, only hitting the actual website if I want to read or add to the comments.

    I noticed thought that Dyson Logos’ blog ( has a nicely streamlined theme when viewed on a phone. I did some digging and it looks like he’s using a plugin called WPTouch, which I’ve just added to my own site as well.

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