GenCon 2010 Schedule

OK, here’s my scheduled events for this year:


9am – 1pm Stonesky Delve, part 1 AD&D
3pm – 4pm Speed Painting
7pm – 11pm Come What May My Labyrinth Lord Game



9am – 1pm The House in the Woods Warhammer FRPG
2pm – 5pm The Wisdom Goddess’s Quest Tunnels and Trolls
6pm – 10pm The Burial Tomb of the Bandit Queen Labyrinth Lord



9am – noon Trouble in the Water Front Tunnels and Trolls
1pm – 3pm More Mayhem at Kobold Caverns Microlite 74
7pm – 9pm D12 Fantasy: Dragons Hoard D12 Fantasy



10am – noon D12 Fantasy: Dragons Hoard D12 Fantasy


As you can see, the scheduling was a bit wacky.  I entered in all my primary choices and all my backups, and that resulted in me getting into d12 Fantasy both Saturday night and Sunday.  I’m guessing I likely won’t really attend both, but I’ll figure out at the convention which one to go to.  Perhaps my performance in the speed painting contest will affect my decision?

I also ended up in two Tunnels and Trolls games.  I was tickled to see them being run, and thought it would be fun to play in one.  I’ve mostly only ever played the game solo.  I ran a session of it once, which was mediocre.  I’m very curious to see it run by someone else.  I didn’t really mean to play in two games of it though, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Originally I didn’t get into any games at all for Friday night, but then later on a couple tickets to the other Labyrinth Lord game opened up, and I snagged them.  I’ve promised the other one to BJ, and I expect it’ll be a lot of fun to play alongside him.  I call it “the other Labyrinth Lord” game because there are only two being run at the entire con, and I’m running the other one.  I was thinking for a while I might try running a second game of it at an open gaming table Friday night, but I’d rather play than run.  Maybe though if I drop the d12 Fantasy Saturday night I’ll run something then.  We shall see.  I kind of like having extra flexibility in my schedule.

I’ve got quite a few games with only an hour gap between them for meals.  That might make things kind of tight, but it’s still way better than the first few cons I went to where I packed it so tight I had to buy and pack meals in advance each day.  I have a nice window of time to visit the dealer’s hall Thursday afternoon (1-3, 4-6), as well as Saturday afternoon (3-6).  That should be just about right, but I’m sure I’ll find other gaps to go roam the hall.

Clearly this year is the year of old school gaming for me.  T&T, AD&D, LL, and Microlite all fit the bill I think.  I’ll be curious to see how long the legs of this thing is.  Is it a fad?  Will I laugh at my schedule next year?  Will it be just like my obsession with Savage Worlds?  We shall see.  It’s held my interest pretty long at this point, perhaps because it really is less about the system and mechanics, and more about the philosophy of what a game should contain.

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  1. Here’s mine:


    9:00 am – 1:00 pm – RPG1009610 – Warhammer – Stage Fright
    6:00 pm – 10:00 pm – RPG1012132 – Warhammer – Rats Below


    9am – 1pm – RPG1012138 – Warhammer – The House in the Woods
    7pm-11pm – RPG1009612 – Warhammer – Ballad of Stanislav Beno


    2:00 pm – 6:00 pm – RPG1008831 – Dresden Files – Mad Mab
    8pm-10:30pm – RPG1009870 – Director’s Cut Survival Horror – Slasher Camp


    10am – 12pm – NMN1012655 – D12 Fantasy: Dragons Hoard

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