GenCon: Costume Parade

I have a tiny digital video recorder I bought as a lark recently, and decided to bring with me to GenCon.  It has no view finder, but can be clipped to clothing and easily ignored.  I mostly thought to use it while roaming the exhibit hall, so I have a ton of footage of that.  I’ll try and edit that stuff down and maybe do a little VO for it to make it more interesting to watch.  That will take some time I’m sure as I’ve never really done any video editing before.

On Saturday afternoon I clipped the thing to me as I was approaching the exhibit hall, and in an amazing bit of serendipity, about 30 seconds later I came across the costume parade going the other direction.  It took me a second to realize what was going on, but then I promptly stopped to watch the parade and got the entire thing on video.

You’ll have to excuse the odd angle.  I had the camera clipped to the band of my hat so it would record what I was looking at, and hadn’t noticed the thing got a little tilted.  And to the guy who asked that someone post pictures of him to Facebook — I’m sorry, but I have no idea how to link video to facebook and no clue what it was you were supposed to be dressed as, so I imagine you wouldn’t find it even if I did.

Here’s the video:

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