Miniature Madness

Apparently, having bought not a single ounce of lead at GenCon, when I returned home I felt the need to make up for my error.  Why is it though that all the best stuff these days seems to come from England?  And furthermore, that all these English companies have no ability to track orders, so I have absolutely no clue when my stuff is going to get here?  It’s probably because I myself will be traveling to England in another six weeks or so, which means the stuff will likely arrive either moments before I leave or after I return.

Before I left for GenCon I became aware of this new 10mm scale dungeon set by Germy.  I admit I’m intrigued by the smaller scale of the hobby.  I’ve never attempted to paint anything that small, and I’m curious how it would go.  Also, after playing some Battlelore I realized I quite like the feeling of a truly vast battlefield the smaller scale gives you.  Finally, I’ve always been a sucker for stuff like Dwarven Forge, though I’ve never been able to convince myself it was worth the money for such an impracticable product.  All these things wrapped up together?  OK, fine, I plunked down my money and ordered  Pendraken’s Dungeon Pack.  You can expect pictures when it arrives and I start painting.

One thing my miniature collection always seems to be missing is basic armed villagers.  I’ve frequently seen a need for figures that are not quite soldiers, but also not defenseless peasants.  I guess I was looking for the village militia — you know, the poor schmucks who help the PCs defend the town against the rampaging orcs, or whatever.  I did some hunting online, and while Reaper makes some nice townsfolk, the variety of them that are actually armed is limited.

Then I ended up on Foundry’s site, looking through their historical medieval line, and what did I find?  Several groups of armed peasants, and a pack of poorly armed archers — perfect!  And of course with shipping from the UK not being very cheap, it hardly makes sense to order only a few miniatures, so I got two of the above packs.  Sigh.

I guess I’ll have some painting to do in the future.  Unfortunately with no way of tracking any of these shipments, the real question is when?

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  1. I’ve never attempted to paint anything that small, and I’m curious how it would go.

    You can always paint the kender mini I’ve had for like 10 years – he’s about that small 😉

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