More Little Men, 10mm to be precise

dsc_0019I’ve almost completed my collection of 10mm monsters that came with my Dungeon Pack.  All the green skins and undead are painted.  All that remains are the five odd models: two slimes, a pudding, a giant, and a purple worm er..  giant grub.  I assume purple worm is what they were gong for with that one.

I promised myself I wouldn’t order more 10mm models from Pendraken until I had completely painted all the ones I already had.  Unfortunately I’ve already broken that one — put my order in last night.  I’ve still got all the scenery to paint after the five monsters, but I’m not super motivated to paint those as I don’t see any obvious use for them.

On the other hand, I wanted some terrain to play with these guys on, so I’ve started building some of that.  I have a 2’x3′ board to start, and I made a bunch of hills from foam core, which is just about the right height for these guys.  I don’t have photos of those pieces yet, but I do have some pictures of a small castle I built from a 2 oz tea tin that Jenn gave me.  I’ve been looking for something to do with these things forever, and it struck me as just about the right size.  I used cork for the base, foam core to add some crenelations, and textured paint, plasticard, and balsa wood for texture and trimmings.  I think it came out pretty well.

Anyway, here are the pictures.  I’m really quite pleased with how quickly I’m churning this stuff out.

2 thoughts on “More Little Men, 10mm to be precise

  1. The really neat thing about this scale is how big you can go with your game space. The 2’x3′ board I have is really quite manageable, only taking up one end of the dining room table when it’s laid out. Scaled up to standard 30mm miniatures, that thing is the equivalent of a 6’x9′ play space.

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