City of York

This is probably the largest collection of pictures taken on our vacation, and not surprisingly my favorite part, our trip to the city of York.  I was just overwhelmed by the awesome mix of medieval architecture and modern city atmosphere.  You could really tell this city has been there for hundreds of years. I only wish we had had enough time to spend another day in York, there was lots to see.

Besides lots of cool architecture and ruins, of which you’ll see the photos below, we also really enjoyed the open air market in the center of town.  We bought some stinking bishop which thankfully tastes much better than it smells.  I also discovered two gaming stores, one sort of standard little gaming shop, and the other a GW shop.  I bought a d20 from the former, which I keep referring to as “the English die”.  I haven’t used it much yet, I like to reserve it for important rolls or when my dice are rolling terribly.

Anyway, here are the pictures for your enjoyment:

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