High Speed D&D

Dyson Logos posted a very interesting article recently recounting his experience running a “high speed” D&D campaign, as a follow up to his post about the original idea.  Basically, the idea is to run a dozen games over a period time between which the players are awarded a huge amount of XP (enough to level a fighter) and a year of game time is skipped over.  The idea is to quickly seed the game world while simultaneously getting players a glimpse at what various levels of the different classes are like.

I have to admit that probably the coolest thing about this for me is the idea of skipping a full game year between sessions, and having the players actually give input as to what their characters might accomplish during that year.  It certainly requires some pro-active players who want to collaborate on the world building aspect, a type of player that I personally think is actually pretty hard to find.  The challenge on the DM’s side of then preparing a single iconic adventure for that year of game time to play at the next session really appeals to the way I like to write content.

I’m not sure I’d ever have the opportunity to run something like this, but it is pretty cool to fantasize about.

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