Home Again, Home Again

Wow, it’s been a roller-coaster of a weekend, full of awesome gaming and about the most severe sleep deprivation I’ve ever experienced.  While I’m sure I’ll have more commentary about the games I played soon, for now let stick to just the facts of what I’ve done since last posting.

After getting breakfast yesterday morning I got back just in time to slip into Frank’s 10 am game.  He was running a intro to OD&D game with a lot of commentary on history to start and then some classic dungeon exploration.  By noon the game was still going strong, and sadly I had to leave early to grab some lunch and prepare for the AD&D tournament game I was scheduled to run.

The tourney could hold up to ten players, and I got four.  Another nearby game only gathered two players, so they split up between my game and Frank’s, and I got a fifth player.  The game was very successful, fun was had, and prizes were awarded.  I grabbed some quick dinner and then headed over to my much anticipated Call of Cthulhu game with Andre Kruppa.

There were only five seats to this game and apparently I was very lucky to score one.  There were a fair number of disappointed folks with generics trying to get in, and I was congratulating myself at my good luck when Andre hit me with the bomb: “You guys do know this goes late right?”  Apparently it’s a three slot game, and he expected us to go up until 2:00 AM.  As much as I was looking forward to playing, I couldn’t in good conscious do so and expect to be able to run my own game the next morning at 8:00.  I even knew some folks had mentioned to me looking forward to playing that game, so I apologized and removed myself from the Cthulhu game.  Given how many folks were trying to squeeze into that one, I’m sure he had no problem finding a replacement.

I quickly purchased some generics and trotted over into the Old School room just in time to drop into an AD&D game a fellow from my earlier tournament was running.  I’m glad to say that despite my disappointment at not getting to play CoC, I still had a very enjoyable night of gaming before heading off to bed at a much more reasonable 11:00 PM.

But the gods of sleep deprivation were against me it seems.  Some ladies had rented the room that joined mine by a thin door, and decided to have animated discussions all the way until 4:00 AM.  Despite a call down to the front desk to complain, I still didn’t catch a wink of sleep until almost 5, at which time I managed to sneak in barely an hour of shut-eye before it was time to get up, pack, check-out, eat some breakfast, and be in the Old School room in time to run my final game.

Plenty of caffeine managed to pull me through my last game, the same one I was meant to run Friday morning.  This time I had a nicely full table of 7 players, every one of which was a pleasure to play with.  We had some very fun dungeon delving beneath the city of Bridgefair, which ended with two groups of players in protracted legal battles with each other while the rest of the party quietly slipped out of town.  I’ll discuss the details more in a later post, suffice it to say that I continue to be delighted with the new and amusing ways players take this quick little adventure.

By noon I was so beat I barely managed to get myself home where I fell asleep in front of the TV for an hour, and somehow now feel even more tired than before.  I’m just trying to keep myself conscious long enough for dinner and then I’m looking forward to a nice long sleep in my own bed.

Despite my near complete failure at scheduling this year, I still managed to play in a lot of really fun games.  There were a lot of recognizable faces there this year from last, and I really look forward to playing again next year with a truly great group of gamers.  Thanks guys for the awesome time!

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