GenCon Eve

Despite my best efforts, another month slipped by with no posts at all.  Been spending a lot of time getting the new house up to snuff.  The last room on my list is the game room, and I’m hoping to have time for that soon.  In the meantime though, GenCon has snuck up on me.  We leave tomorrow morning, and honestly I’m pretty psyched to have several days in a row where I will not think about work nor about the house.  Here are some highlights I’m anticipating:

  • Running games for the DGS.  Last year I was pretty impressed with their operation, so this year I decided to run my stuff under their banner.  I was going to run some basic D&D games anyway, so there’s little change here really.  Well, there is one thing — they’re actually getting me a GM badge, so this is the first year I’ll be branded as a GM.  That’s something I suppose.  I’ll be curious to see if there are any other quirks for running my games under a larger group.
  • Will get to meet up with an old co-worker and gaming friend I haven’t seen for a good six months now.  Wow, has it really been that long?
  • Also planning to meet up with Tim Kask and Frank Mentzer.  I played a fair amount of games with those guys back at last TotalCon, and I’ve been emailing Tim since then.  I have a little gift for them, but I won’t post about that until after it’s delivered as it’s still a surprise, at least for Frank.
  • In other industry name-dropping news, I’ve been invited to a party on Saturday night by Bob Salvatore.  I’m both terribly excited and intimidated by this.
  • And of course, the usual awesomeness of playing tons of games, being surrounded by tens of thousands of gamers, and spending far too much on the latest games and accoutrement.

OK, probably ought to go to bed now.  I think we have to leave here at the crack of noon tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten 17 things.

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